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About Wisconsin Writers

Welcome Wisconsin Writers and fans.  We are OnYourMark, LLC, a web design, production, programming, hosting and internet marketing firm.  We do social media, photography, audio and video as well.

I’m Keith Klein, the owner of OnYourMark.

Picture of Keith Klein, for page about WisWriters.com - Wisconsin Writers - written about by Keith Klein.

Wisconsin Writers – written about by Keith Klein.

I’m the author of WebForging, A Practical Guide to the Art of Forging Your Web Presence.   I’ve done workshops on Writing for the Web (for the Working Writers of Wisconsin).  And I’ve written many thousands of Company Profiles, Web Pages, Blog Posts, Print Ads, Press Releases and more.

I’m also the principal organizer of Wisconsin Business Owners (with my co-organizer, prolific blog-writer Maggie Mongan, of Brilliant Breakthroughs, Inc.)   I mention that because I love the group, and we’ve been blessed to have great subject-matter-expert presenters since 2004, about half of whom have written books.

Words are powerful.  “A picture is worth a thousand words.”  That seven word expression is over two thousand years old, outlasting most of the pictures to which it alluded.

Words are essential.  Given all the prime-time TV hoopla about image and face recognition, it is still words that get you found on the web.

I like to write.  I like writers.  We work with a lot of writers.  This site is one way I can write about that, as well as invite other writers to chime in.

Wisconsin Writers are invited to guest blog here and elsewhere (we manage about 150 websites).  Use our Contact Us to make contact.  We’ll arrange a time to talk.

Thanks for visiting.  We welcome your questions, comments and suggestions.